Naval Architecture

With independent consultation and technical services in all aspects of hull design, ship geometry, construction and refit, BMT has the tools to tackle even the most demanding projects within the defence, marine and energy industries.

BMT is a premier naval architecture firm that takes a whole ship approach to engineering design.  Cost-effectiveness, strong programmatic services and project management discipline are key tenets in BMT’s methodology.

BMT provides seasoned and tested naval architecture services for the design of ships, marine structures and any other floating objects:

  • Concept of operation and statement of requirements development
  • Canadian unique environment design considerations
  • Arrangements for concept, contractual, functional, class and detail phase designs
  • Hull and ship geometry design to achieve a 'fair' shape
  • Hull modeling, testing and computer simulation
  • Hydrostatics analysis including displacement and stability
  • Hydrodynamics analysis including resistance, propulsion, range, speed and fuel use
  • Structural strength and motion analysis
  • Hull materials analyses and welding specification development
  • For existing vessels, cracking analysis, mechanical damage and wear, corrosion severity, vibration isolation, assessment and mediation and fitness-for-service analyses
  • Weight and cost analyses
  • Through-life growth assessment
  • Environmental regulation compliance such as double hull design requirements
  • Test and trial support
  • Construction and shipyard support services such as shipyard oversight, quality assurance, weld and joining techniques and structural change assessment
  • Conversion and refit assessments

A global leader in naval architecture, BMT offers services to the military, marine and oil and gas industries from first concept through to vessel retirement.