Risk Management

BMT helps customers develop and manage an effective risk management process to support the success of their projects.

Risks to major engineering projects can derail a program and impact time, costs and scope. Managing risk proactively can mitigate impacts and improve program success by all measures. Tracking issues, identifying hazards, assessing potential impacts and their consequences is a painstaking yet critical part of successful project management processes. 

BMT conducts risk management by using its diverse team of engineering, economic and industry-trained professionals to help clients proactively manage risks within large scale programs and projects.  BMT professionals have significant experience in evaluating risk, managing programs and implementing mitigation plans.

The cooperative development of sustainable solutions that manage or mitigate exposure to commercial, project and safety risks is critical to a project's success and BMT can help you:

  • Analyze your risks and identify issues 
  • Establish a risk and issue management process and supporting tools
  • Conduct risk and issue management training and skill transfer to staff
  • Develop mitigation plans and related costing, timeline or operational scope impacts
  • Facilitate decision making on risk mitigation plans