Welding Engineering and Technology

BMT Fleet Technology's welding engineers and technologists use their in-house shop to simulate welding conditions and develop innovative solutions.

BMT Fleet Technology's welding engineers and technologists provide product and process innovations to improve efficiency and enhance product safety and reliability for marine, offshore facility, pipeline, power generation, mining, civil structure, military and general manufacturing clients.

BMT's welding engineering and technology group is positioned to answer questions regarding welding metallurgy, weld strength/toughness and practical welding procedures or techniques.  The BMT welding and fabrication facility is available to simulate welding conditions for the development of welding procedures, to evaluate welding equipment or consumables, and to understand the implications of variations in welding parameters, conditions or equipment.

Services offered include:

  •     Welding metallurgy
  •     Weld strength/toughness
  •     Practical welding procedures and techniques for difficult-to-weld materials
  •     Pressure vessels, piping and tanks
  •     New and in-service structures and system components
  •     Evaluating equipment and consumables
  •     Implications of variations in parameters, conditions and equipment
  •     Productivity auditing
  •     Welder and safety training
  •     Quality assurance and inspection planning

BMT maintains close ties with welding equipment manufacturers and suppliers and can arrange for loans of a wide range of welding and induction heating equipment.  These suppliers have demonstrated a readiness to contribute welding consumables and base materials in support of BMT research programs.