Materials Engineering

BMT offers extensive experience in materials engineering for many industries including marine, military, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and power generation.

Leveraging BMT's materials engineering expertise offers customers an impartial research and technology facility to drive operational, risk and safety improvements in the management of critical materials across the supply chain. 

Our materials engineering and metallurgical group provides expertise in the areas of material chemistry and microstructure, material characterization, welding metallurgy and processing to meet a variety of objectives, including failure analysis and fitness-for-purpose assessment.

Information from fracture surfaces, weld heat-affected zone (HAZ) extent/hardness or penetration depths, weld hydrogen effusion/content measurement, and chemical analyses are used to support welding and structural integrity research as well as to provide the basis for expert testimony for accident investigations.

Our mechanical testing laboratory contains test frames for monotonic axial or flexural load tests as well as fatigue, fracture and charpy impact testing in environmentally controlled conditions (low temperature).