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In Service Support

BMT provides engineering and programmatic services for life-cycle management of marine platforms and structures. Services include cost-effective maintenance, life extension solutions and design support for technical, process and operational change.

From surface and subsurface vessels to shore side facilities to training, BMT's wide range of specialists' experience and skills and the company's independence allow the company to provide high-quality guidance across the full range of the in-service support field.

Surface Vessels


For larger surface vessels, BMT is experienced in the concept phase of vessel design, providing logistical support analyses and in-service support (ISS) requirement generation. BMT's integrated logistics support (ILS) practitioners and requirements engineers also validate requirements provided by customers and provide support in reviewing operational materials, including safety critical areas such as evacuation and fire control.

For small vessels, BMT provides the full range of design and support services, providing cost-effective solutions for customers on tighter budgets.


For submarine customers, BMT is providing full technical and programmatic support, including business change management where processes are reviewed for effectiveness, shortfalls identified and solutions provided.  

Marine Structures

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BMT provides life cycle management services such as marine product designs, technical assurance and audits and port authority solutions for marine structures.


Ongoing training and update of training and skills is a core element of any ISS program. BMT has extensive experience in generating training to meet customer needs and also offers several pre-developed training programs.

Information Systems

All in-service support operations are only as effective as the information tools they rely upon will allow them to be. Life cycle maintenance is particularly dependant on knowing items such as the location of particular parts, the details of changes and the status of the as-maintained baseline. BMT helps with the review and acquisition of information systems designed specifically to address this so customers get the most for their budget during the in-service support phase.