BMT is a leading expert supporting the rail industry with engineering services that improve performance, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Performance Improvement

We continue to deliver proven and measurable improvements to the customer at a project, fleet and industry level by improving performance (availability, reliability and maintainability) and cost effectiveness using risk-based techniques.  As a resourceful and versatile business with a focused and determined workforce, our aim is to deliver real benefit and value to our customers, rather than a ‘tick in the box', by taking a simple but effective approach to their problem.

Programs Definition

We can assist in all areas from the selection of components through to the definition of route schedules to maximize on-time arrivals.  BMT Fleet Technology understands the challenges faced by the rail industry in program development.  Our professionals help minimize these challenges by identifying routes to programs that are safe, provide high returns on investment and can be reasonably implemented.  We operate across a range of industries and, where applicable, can apply proven best practices to the needs of our customers.

Managing Risk

Identifying hazards, potential effects and their consequences is a painstaking yet critical process that BMT applies using its diverse team of engineering, economic and industry trained professionals.  The cooperative development of sustainable solutions that manage or mitigate exposure to commercial, project and safety risk is our business that helps keep your business on track.

Root Cause Analysis

London Tube Station and Train

We understand that the unexpected or unlikely can and does happen on a frequent basis.  When problems arise, BMT Fleet Technology can help to resolve them.  We bring the full spectrum of our expertise to diagnosing root causes, identifying operational and safety implications, and developing the processes and procedures to determine the best way forward and to manage future uncertainty.  We can respond with the power of a major organization, but with small company urgency and flexibility to match the demands of in-service troubleshooting requirements.

Through-Life Support

We have a good record in teaming with customers to ensure success.  We can assist in training your personnel, provide engineering, logistics and management support, store and process your data flows, and help plan for the next generation of assets and equipment.  Your need for continuous improvement will be reflected in our approach to through-life support.

Maintenance Optimization

Maintenance optimization is about getting the most cost effective and worthwhile preventive maintenance regime for your organization.  It does not necessarily mean a strategy with less maintenance.  Nor does it necessarily mean a strategy with more maintenance.  It simply means empowering your staff to take ownership of doing the maintenance that is right for your operation under your circumstances.  By optimizing the maintenance program, asset owners and operators will benefit in terms of availability and reliability with assets performing to their design and build quality.  In other words, they will perform as well as they are able.