We serve customers in a wide range of industries related to on-shore oil and gas pipelines, off-shore oil and gas exploration and production platforms serving North America, Europe and new production sites worldwide.

BMT has always had a deep involvement in the research and development of materials and lifetime material performance/maintenance.  These services have been applied a wide variety of items, from marine structures and ships to pipelines.  In the pipeline industry, our experienced engineers can provide you with:

  • Through-life engineering support
  • Development and application of assessment tools and techniques
  • Support and design solutions for pipeline modification and maintenance activities including line-lowering operations, in-service damage, and welding operations
  • Fitness-for-service assessments for in-service pipelines and station facilities without compromising system integrity
  • Fatigue and fracture testing in on-site labs
  • Definition of appropriate post weld inspection times for weldment hydrogen (cold) cracking in operating pipelines
  • Numerical modelling for pipeline interactions with soil and ice
  • Development and evaluation of welding procedures for new construction and maintenance