Market Sectors

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Market Sectors

BMT is a leading provider of support engineering, research, technology development and program management services in the defence, energy, transport, civil and industrial infrastructure market sectors.

BMT solves problems and supports customers in the Defence, Energy, Transport, Civil and Industrial Infrastructure industries.

BMT  provides expert independent professional services:
  • BMT agrees to terms and conditions in contracts that preclude any conflict of interest or external commercial influence 
  • There is no alignment with downstream manufacturers making BMT  a source for independent verification and validation (IV&V) for complex and major engineering programs across all sectors
  • Our core staff comprise of Senior Program and Engineering managers with global expertise across many specialized technical areas and sectors
  • Solutions focus on solving problems and delivering leading edge technology to save money, drive operational efficiency, enhance capabilities and improve program management
  • Canadian Navy Fleet


    Our company supports military land, sea and air assets in a number of engineering and management fields throughout the product life cycle.

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  • Ice Field Platform


    BMT provides engineering design and project management support services for onshore oil and gas, offshore petrochemical, hydro-electric and renewable energy assets.

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  • Transport Train Thumbnail


    In the transport sector BMT is able to provide beneficial solutions to the various problems that impact customers in the rail and marine industries.

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