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About BMT

BMT has been in business for 40 years providing world-class services to the defence, energy and transport industries.

BMT was incorporated in 1973 as a management and engineering services company focused on providing solutions to challenging technical and organizational problems.  With its head office in Ottawa (ON) and a satellite office in Vancouver (BC), it has commercial and government customers in Canada and abroad generating annual revenues in excess of $20 million.

BMT is an innovative leader in providing through-life engineering support and program management services and products in the defence, energy and transport industries. We offer customers solutions independent from downstream manufacturers with a core of trusted and experienced professionals that will deliver a long-term, enduring base of capability and capacity for major engineering projects. The company is committed to retaining and applying practical knowledge and subject matter expertise in developing responsive solutions to customers' needs.

We provide leading-edge naval architecture, marine engineering and program management services, structural and mechanical system damage assessment, materials and welding engineering, integrity assessment and maintenance management, and in-service support (ISS). We do not represent any equipment or system providers, enabling trusted, fully independent support and advice to government and large corporate organizations.

BMT Canada Ltd is an operating company of BMT Group.